Volunteer for our Antibully Society


We are open for volunteers! And, we are not conventional. Please be ready to write, to greet, to market, and to perform - if necessary. Azure Lorica is mainly a theatre company, so be certain that you do not have stage freight, at our events. We don't make you memorize lines, but we do have script readings before a live audience. 

If this is you, please proceed to register to our next event:


If this is not you, register to anything that may interest you, and we will review what we specifically require from you in each job description, and see if we can or cannot proceed.

Though our society is for antibully campaigns, we do not teach antibullying. But rather, entertain our audience with productions that donates its proceeds to other causes that provide suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

So, in short: use your art to help those in need.