What's the future of FanFilm Awards?


Since 2014, FanFilm Awards has been fluctuating in its growth, as a film festival. Hosted at the Pasadena Central Library, the event has always had a time limit over when the audience will attend the show. More often than not, the attendees were night owls, and hosting an event in a city provided location did not peak many of the public's interest. We were left to be a small and private annual gala.

This made it easy to keep the knowledgeable groups to come to every panel. But the demands still came. People wanted fan panels, concerts, and the whole Convention experience. And, being a nonprofit functioning with just volunteers, the chances of making a large event work flawlessly was mild, at best - something no producer wants to ever hear. 

Due to the special circumstance of the US Pandemic, we've finally moved into virtual events. Azure Lorica took a while, but with the range of Zoom's capabilities, and thanks to thousands of users working from home, our producers' wish came true. Managing evening events, especially with a volunteer staff, was more than possible.

This February of 2021, Azure Lorica will be premiering it's first Zoom film festival. As a wonderful addition to our program, we look forward to implementing this attribute on top of the on-site event, after the pandemic subsides. 

Please join us for Q&A panels, script readings, and the anticipated annual award ceremony: