Knights & Dragons

Azure Lorica relies on lore to serve our Patron's imagination, and our Artist's merit. We have prided ourselves in being the host for many of the creative community's media. From film festivals to book publications, Azure Lorica has given the following titles to define our most esteemed supporters of antibullying:


The winners of FanFilm Awards are awarded life size wooden swords, ready for LARPing. These trophies commemorate their victory at Azure Lorica's annual award ceremony, and deem every winner as Champions of Azure Lorica. These filmmakers are marketed for the rest of the year, as celebrated fanfilms recommended personally by the Antibully Society.

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Patrons of the Azure Lorica Book Club, the official online shop of Azure Lorica, are awarded with exclusive discounts and promos that allow returning customers to enjoy our books, and merchandise. This gives our Authors an advantage to gain readers and buyers, and build up their career as Writers. 

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